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MSc Sabrina Burtscher

Sabrina Burtscher

Sabrina Burtscher is a PhD researcher in Human-Computer Interaction and Accessibility (HCI) at the Institute for Anthropomaticsund Robotics (IAR) within the Department of Informatics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

She has completed a BSc in Medical Informatics and a MSc (with distinction) in Media Informatics, both at TU Wien. Her research is rooted in the understanding that technology is not neutral and, while often oppressive or used to oppress, can also have emancipatory power. To this end, she aims to work with and for people in marginalized positions, centering their experiences, needs and preferences. She has worked in highly interdisciplinary teams including domain experts from Translation Sciences, Mathematics, and Gender Studies to name a few. Sabrina also has extensive experience in various settings of self-advocacy.

Sabrina Burtscher’s work has already been recognized through multiple nominations and awards, including a Best Paper Award at the leading German speaking venue in HCI, the Mensch und Computer conference.

For a full overview of her publications, please refer to her Google Scholar profile.

Please use gender-neutral forms of salutation, e.g., "Dear Sabrina Burtscher".