Thesis Topics

We offer theses in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Accessibility, and Games. If you are interested in doing your thesis with us, please reach out via email to the corresponding person, and include your most recent academic transcript and a CV. We also appreciate a short statement of motivation in which you let us know why you are interested in a given topic.

Ongoing Theses

Title Type Student Advisor(s)
Horror vs. Cozy: Exploring the Influence of Game Aesthetics on Player Experience M.Sc. Pascal Maier Meiners
Designing for Disengagement in Competitive Games: An Exploratory Analysis of Team Dynamics in League of Legends B.Sc. Yannick Seim Alexandrovsky, Strobel
Masking Failure in Digital Games B.Sc. Jonas Deipenbrock Aufheimer
Empty Games: An empirical study of non-functional embellishments and their effects on player experience B.Sc. Damian Reich Meiners
An Analysis on Punishment and Failure in Game Design Patterns B.Sc. Jafer Sharfeddine Alexandrovsky
Haptic Soft Patches for Accessible, Immersive VR Game Control B.Sc. Soheel Aghadavoodi Jolfaei Wolf
Exploring How Neurodivergent People Experience Virtual Reality B.Sc. Louisa Schumm Meiners
Finished Theses
Title Type Student Advisor(s)
Challenges and Opportunities for Beacon-based Orientation in Buildings for Disabled People B.Sc. Katharina Biernacka Aufheimer
Disengagement by Design: Opportunities for Better Game Development B.Sc. Christopher Benjamin Hahn Alexandrovsky
Design Recommendations to Support Disengagement from Digital Games B.Sc. Merlin Steven Opp Alexandrovsky
Participatory Simulation Gaming to Determine Load in Microgrids for Productive Use of Energy B.Sc. Mirko Sowa Aufheimer
Exploring the Potential of Virtual Reality to Prompt Reflection on Access Barriers: A Case Study of the KIT Campus M.Sc. Fabiana Racca Aufheimer, Meiners
Gaming Sickness and Player Experience: Recommendations for Accessible Digital Games B.Sc. Anna Chen Burtscher
Tools to Support Healthy Disengagement in Competitive Games B.Sc. Noah Seim Alexandrovsky, Strobel
Design Patterns and Templates for Games as Research Tools M.Sc. Christian Jung Alexandrovsky, Gerling
An Investigation of Juicy Game Design to Communicate Failure in the Context of Movement Based Games B.Sc. Laurin Wittich Aufheimer
Investigating the Impact of Dynamic Level Adjustment on the Player Experience B.Sc. David Kowal Alexandrovsky
A Critical Examination of Digital Tools to Manage Children's Playing Time B.Sc. Jonathan Bonkosch Alsheail