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Three full papers accepted to CHI PLAY 2024

We are happy to share that three full papers were accepted to CHI PLAY, including our work on understanding how players disengage from games that explains how the exit from a play session is experienced.

Anna-Lena Meiners presenting slides of our Real-World Lab.
Real-World Lab Festival 2024

During the first week of July, we were part of the real-world lab festival with a talk by Anna-Lena Meiners on self-determined gaming experiences, and a VR demo prompting reflection on barriers at Durlacher Tor by Dmitry Alexandrovsky and Katharina Biernacka. We thank all visitors for their insightful questions!

Poster of the workshop with illustrations of diverse women.Women in Computing
3rd Workshop on Women* in Computing

On July 4th 2024, Kathrin Gerling will be talking about research funding and the journey from PhD student to professor at the 3rd Workshop on Women* in Computing in Munich.

The poster for the concept The Census, a role-playing game. The poster shows screenshots of the androgynous main character, a village scene, a fight, and an overflowing player inventory.
New ACM TOCHI Publication

It took us a while to wrap up the work, so we're pleased to share that our paper "Representation of Invisible Disability: Exploring the Lived Experience of Teenagers With ADHD to Inform Game Design" has been accepted to ACM TOCHI. Curious about what we found? You can already read a preprint of our paper.

A picture of VR glasses lying on a table
Workshop at MuC 2024

We are pleased to announce that our workshop "Envisioning the Future of Accessible Immersive Technology: Creating a Roadmap and Building Community" has been accepted for this year's Mensch und Computer conference in Karlsruhe. Interested parties can find more information on how to participate in the workshop here.


An abstract depiction of neuro diversity at work.
Publication at CHIWORK 2024

We are pleased to announce that our submission "Neurodivergence and Work in Human-Computer Interaction: Mapping the Research Landscape" has been accepted and will be published at the CHIWORK Conference 2024. The presentation will take place at the end of June in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK). The paper describes a literature review in the field of neurodivergence and technology in the context of work.

A panel discussion with KIT's Prof. Armin Grunwald, Prof. Kathrin Gerling, Prof. Holger Puchta and Moderatorin Nicole Krieger.Amadeus Bramsiepe, KIT
KIT's Annual Celebration

On April 11th, KIT's annual celebration took place at the new InformatiKOM next to our building. Prof. Dr. Kathrin Gerling participated in a panel discussion on freedom of the sciences in times of crisis with two other KIT researchers, professor Puchta and professor Grunwald. You can read more about it in this German web article.

Snapshot of the "Schlusslicht" interface on a phone next to the lamp which is attached on a screen with a video game for kids.
"Schlusslicht" Demo at IDC

We are glad to share that our submission "'Schlusslicht': An Ambient Display to Keep Kids and Parents in the Loop When Managing Playing Time and Disengaging From Games" was accepted as live demo at this year's IDC conference in Delft, Netherlands. For those who are interested, there is a video on our YouTube channel about Schlusslicht.

Kathrin Gerling speaking in front of an audience at GameiFIN '24.GamificationGG on X
Keynote Talk at GamiFIN '24

Today, Prof. Dr. Kathrin Gerling kicked off the GamiFIN '24 conference on games and gamification in Ruka, Finland, where she was invited as keynote speaker. More information on this conference can be found on the GamiFIN website.

Logo of the podcast's episode with the title "Disengagement". It shows a game controller and a warning sign with a sausage (Wurst) above the shore.Carsten Pfeffer
Podcast Episode About Disengagement from Games

Dr. Dmitry Alexandrovsky co-hosted an episode of a German podcast series about game development. He speaks about responsible design for disengagement. You can listen to the episode on Youtube, for more information visit the podcast's website.

Kathrin Gerling (left) and Anna-Lena Meiners (right)KIT / Tanja Meißner, Stephan Walzl
Speaking at the Non-Conference at ZKM

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Gerling and Anna-Lena Meiners will be speaking at the Non-Conference at ZKM (center for art and media) Karlsruhe on Friday, March 22th at 2 pm. They will take part in the discussion session "What if museums were responsible for society’s wellbeing?". For more information on the Non-Coference please visit ZKM's website.

One woman shows a girl something on her
Girls' Day Workshop

Together with, our Real World Lab Accessibility is organizing the workshop "Spiele für Alle auf dem Calliope Mini-Computer Programmieren" (Coding Games for all on a Calliope Mini-Computer) for the Girls' Day at KIT. The workshop takes place on April 25th, 2024. If you are interested in participating or want to learn more about it, you can visit the workshop webpage.

Portraits of Katrin Angerbauer (left) and Markus Wieland (right)Katrin Angerbauer, Markus Wieland
Guest Lectures by Katrin Angerbauer and Markus Wieland

Join us for two engaging guest lectures by Katrin Angerbauer and Markus Wieland on 22.02.2024 at 11am in our VR Lab.

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Portrait image of Maria RauschenbergerMaria Rauschenberger
First "Kaminabend" at Real-World Lab Accessibility

We are delighted to be hosting the first "Kaminabend" (fireside evening) in the Real-World Lab Accessibility on 17.01.2024, which will be accompanied by a special guest: Prof. Dr. Maria Rauschenberger.

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InformatiKOM II building (front-left view).Lukas Strobel
Official Opening of the New Building

On November 9th, 2023, our new building (InformatiKOM II) was officially opened with an opening ceremony in the InformatiKOM I building which was also opened. We are still happy to welcome you to our new offices!

Opened magazines spread across a table.
New Position Paper at CHI PLAY

We are glad to share that our position paper "Vulnerability and Play: Exploring the Mundane Ways in Which Games Might Harm Players" was accepted at this year's CHI PLAY symposium. The paper explores the relationship between vulnerability, game design, and mundane types of play.

Presentation at the IDC Venice.
IDC Retreat in Venice

Participating in IDC Venice 2023 was both productive and inspiring. We engaged with brilliant minds, explored new research documentation horizons, and showcased our promising PhD projects. Excited for further engagement with the academic community and ongoing exploration of innovative ideas, methods, and tools for research advancement.

Screenshot of the game Rollability. One can see a game character in an electric wheelchair in front of two houses.Ravers et al.
New Poster at ASSETS 2023

We are happy to announce that the poster "Game-based Powered Wheelchair Skills Training: Examining Tensions Between Player Engagement and Therapeutic Requirements" was accepted to be presented at the forthcoming ASSETS conference. You can read more about the research in this PDF.

Bild-Kollage: Links ist Prof. Dr. Kathrin Gerling abgebildet, rechts ein Kind mit VR-Brille.ERC
ERC Starting Grants 2023: AccessVR – Accessible Virtual Reality

We are excited to share that Prof. Dr. Kathrin Gerling is one of the 400 researchers that will receive an ERC Starting Grant. You can read more about her project as it is featured in the list five of examples for early career researchers that receive this funding.

The new InformatiKOM 2 Building, front view.Lukas Strobel
Our Move to the New Building

Last week we moved to the new InformatiKOM II. We are happy to announce that from now on, we can welcome you in this accessible building at Adenauerring 10, 76131 Karlsruhe.

The Campus Map (Campus South) shows the location of the building on the KIT campus. If you have further questions about your visit here, for example regarding accessibility, do not hesitate to contact us.

People collaborating with tablets.
Workshop: Tackling the Lack of a Practical Guide in Disability-Centered Research

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Gerling will be co-organizing the online workshop "Tackling the Lack of a Practical Guide in Disability-Centered Research" at  the ASSETS conference this year. For those who are interested, please visit the workshop's website for more information aout the content and how to participate.

A running track with people in the background.Lukas Strobel
New Publication: Performance and Pleasure: Exploring the Perceived Usefulness and Appeal of Physical Activity Visualizations with Older Adults

We are happy to announce that Dr. Dimiri Vargemidis's paper "Performance and Pleasure: Exploring the Perceived USefulness and Appeal of Physical Activity Data Visualizations with Older Adults" was published in Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS).

You can view the paper on the journal website.

Large KIT sign in a bright building.
New Publication: Technology-Centric Real-World Labs:

We are happy to share that our publication "Technology-Centric Real-World Labs: Challenges and Opportunities for a New Mode of Participatory Research From the Perspective of Computer Science" was accepted at the Mensch und Computer Conference 2023.

You can read the paper via this library.

Screenshots of the breastfeeding app.Tang et al.
New Publication: 3, 2, 1 Start with Breastfeeding: Supporting Partner Involvement in Breastfeeding Education Through a Gamified Mobile App

We are happy to share that the last piece of Dr. Kymeng Tang's PhD research, "3, 2, 1 Start with Breastfeeding: Supporting Partner Involvement in Breastfeeding Education Through a Gamified Mobile App" will be presented at the Mensch und Computer Conference 2023 in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

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Opened magazines spread across a table.
New Publication: A Systematic Literature Review of Social Gaming

Our literarture review (led by the Tech & People Lab at the University of Lisbon) was published in Computers in Human Behaviour. Aou can view the paper on the journal website.

Two PhD hats on a globe.
PhD Defense: Congratulations Dr. Vargemidis

On June 1st, Dimitri Vargemidis successfully defended his PhD entitled "Accessible Activity Tracking to Support Physical Activity Among Older Adults". Congratulations, Dr. Vargemidis - you'll be missed!

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A person holding a presentation in a small filled room.
Workshop: Designing Technology for Neurodivergent Self-Determination at Interact 2023

We will be co-organizing the workshop "Designing Technology for Neurodivergent Self-Determination: Challenges and Opportunities" at Interact 2023, which takes place in York, UK, from August 28th to September 1st.

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Alpine landscape with meadows, trees and mountains.
Research Talk: Dr. Velvet Spors on Nature in Games

We are pleased to invite you to a research talk by Dr. Velvet Spors, Gamification Group, Tampere University, Finland, on Thursday, May 11th at 1:30 pm. In their talk, they will discuss the relationship between humans, nature, and digital games.

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A statue in front of a KIT building.
Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2023

We are happy to share that our paper "An Examination of Motivation in Physical Therapy Through the Lens of Self-Determination Theory: Implications for Game Design" received an honorable mention award at CHI 2023. Congratulations to first author Maria Aufheimer!

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